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Department of Business Administration

About the Department

The 21st century demands for “great change” in all parts of the nation, corporate, society, family and the community. Universities are seeking the structural changes to meet the changes like these, and there seems to be a indefinite competition between universities in this fast-changing society. The Department of Business Administration in Chonbuk University aims to build the foundation to be in the top 100 universities in the world by fostering competent economists, coping with the changes.

For this, the Department of Business Administration in Chonbuk University
• Foster experts with social responsibilities and the abilities to act
• Build the research environment to the international level
• Operate management education program in the international level
• Provide various student-supporting programs and select various students
• Continue hiring good professors, secure human resources for research study
• Set high-quality education environment with cutting-edge facilities

Through this, the Department of Business Administration in Chonbuk University aims to produce excellent professionals who have the hands-on abilities by strengthening the district and university collaboration as the national university in the local area. In addition, the department aims to increase the employment rate by promoting consumer-focused education; make the environment for education, culture, and welfare. On the other hand, management generally functions as production, marketing, finance, and human resrouces, but in order to have sound functions, the resources are required from Accounting part.
Thus, many of the universities have traditionally dealt with accounting in the single Business Administration Department, but there were many universities that had Accounting Department separate from Business Administration Departmet, considering its presence and importance. Chonbuk University is one of the later one, but in the process of systematization of correlated fields, Economy Department and Accounting Department are combined into Business Administration Department. However, to balance the growth of the two fields of study, two separate majors are in the Business Administration Department: economy major and accounting major.
The students who are in the Department of Business Administration are learning, divided into economy major and accounting major, but they’re learning the professional knowledge in a balanced way because they have the core economic subjects set as required classes. Students also have a lot of opportunities to choose and take the wanted classes within the department, and they have wide range of choices.



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