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Department of Convergence Technology Engineering

About the Department
  • 위치 : College of Engineering Build No.1, Room 206 (2th Floor)
  • TEL : +82-63-270-4225(Jeonju),
  • FAX : +82-63-270-4226(Jeonju),
  • Homepage : http://cte.jbnu.ac.kr/english_011

Department of Convergence Technology Engineering was established at College of Engineering in February, 2013.

Students take courses such as Automobile Structure, CAD and Practice, CATIA and Practice and Control Engineering, Introduction to IT Convergence, Computer Architecture and Software Engineering.

Our department has been performing project of Industrial-University Convergence Complex funded by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and started to build new campus in Sep. 2012 at Saemankeum Industrial-University Convergence Complex.

At present, Jeonlabukdo invests heavily to many national projects, taking into account the potential of Saemankeum Complex, and plans to induce industries related to auto parts, marine equipments, renewable energy and bio and higher value-added business. The goal of our department is to train professional human resources to keep up with the demands.

Department Information: Our curriculum for the 1st~2nd graders is made up of general or elective course sat Jeonju campus, while that of the 3rd~4th consists of major course sat Gunsan Saemankeum Industrial-University Convergence Complex, accompanying with practicum experience. Our department and faculty members will offer students in-depth knowledge as well as academic assets. By doing so, we firmly believe all of our students become a leader in their career near future. 



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