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Department of Nano-Bio Mechanical System Engineering

About the Department

Machine Design Engineering Department started out as Mechanical Engineering Department at College of Engineering in October 1951, then Yiri Campus was relocated to Jeonju in 1974, and in the mid 1970s, the government raised the importance of heavy metal engineering and self-supporting machine design department, thus the Department of Machine Design Engineering was established in December 1977.
Due to the specialization policy for College of Engineering in September 1979, Detailed Machine Engineering was reformed to Detailed Machine Design Engineering major in 1980, and the Department of Machine Design was newly re-established in November 1986, and then opened master’s and doctoral programs. In February 2000, the department was reformed as Machine Aviation Systems Engineering Department with Machine Design Engineering major, and in March 2008, Machine Design Engineering Department was reformed, combining the two majors: Machine Design Engineering major and, Nano-bio Machine Systems Engineering major, the new study in the 21st century.
There are 15 professors as our teaching staff: professor Kang Shin Jae teaching hydromechanics and jet propulsion, professor Kang Young Joon in automatic controlling system and light application measurement, professor Kang Hee Yong in kinematics of machinery and design interpretation using computer, professor Kim Min Soo in freeze and air conditioning, professor Kim Yun Jick in bioengineering and bioimplant design, professor Moon Sang Don in machine processing and detailed processing, professor Park Chan Woo in energy system design, professor Lee Dong Hwan in reliability evaluation on steel frame and plant production manufacturing engineering, professor Choi Nak Jung in internal-combustion engine and hydromechanics.
Department of Machine Design Engineering will do the best in fostering the professionals who have the knowledge and emotions that the 21st century demands for, making high quality university as the district national university in Northeast Asia.



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