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Faculty of Public Policy

About the Department

The Faculty of Public Policy at Chonbuk University offers the top 1% of the university students to become the top 1% of Korea by establishing one’s identity, determining what one has to do for the society, nation, the world, and the human race through combining the vision, imagination, and creativity. The dean and advisory professors in the faculty also give advice and guides for each individual to establish the direction of one’s life and values through volunteer activities.
The students of Faculty of Public Policy get a chance to find out about their interest, personality, and aptitude in the first semester of their freshman year, and they decide on their majors according to the results of various tests. Students go to CPIT University in New Zealand for language study in their second semester of freshman year, and can get a total of 18 credits transferred. From the first semester of sophomore year, students can liberally choose to study any of the majors and get credits, including the college of social science, commerce, liberal arts, and natural science (except pre-veterinary major), and decide on their majors at the end of the second semester in junior year (get bachelor’s degree in that major). The students in Faculty of Public Policy stay as Faculty of Public Policy students until they graduate; their majors do not change the department that they belong to.
The students of Faculty of Public Policy can liberally choose the subjects and gain 42 credits in liberal arts (cultural) studies, 42 credits in their majors, and 56 credits in the classes that are opened in Faculty of Public Policy Department. For the students who completed the courses of a certain major by applying for a double major or a minor, the acquired credits are counted in completing the double major or minor just like other students.



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