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Department of Philosophy

About the Department

Philosophy Department started out as Scriptures Department at Myung Ryun private institute, which was approved and established in 1948. On December 1, 1951, when Myung Ryun private institute was turned into Chonbuk University by merging Yiri Agriculture College and Gunsan College, the Scriptures Department became Departmet of Philosophy, which is one of the 6 departments in College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
The professors who taught in the early times include professor Kim Doo Hun (Ethics), the first principal, professor Jun Won Bae (Ethics and German philosophy), professor Kim Young Soo (Eastern philosophy), who gave lectures on Easteran and Eastern philosophy. From the early 1951, Philosophy Department developed as it was categorized into Eastern and Western philosophy. Currently, professor Choi Young Chan (Chinese philosophy), professor Kim Eui Soo (Interpretation), professor Jung Dae Hwan (Korean philosophy), professor Kim Sang Deuk (Ethics), professor Han Sang Ki (epistemology), professor Hwang Gap Yun (Chinese philosophy), professor Paik Hoon Seung (modern Western philosophy), professor Kim Yohan (ancient Western philosophy), professor Park Joon Ho (metaphysics of today) are in office, teaching. The professors in our department have written and translated a hundred books, journals, established conferences in the national level, and hosted Korean Philosophers Meeting in 2005. In addition, our department founded ‘research lab for critical thinking and writing’, striving for certification system for essay education, which will enhance people’s the ability to think and write critically.



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