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Department of Clothing and Textiles

About the Department

Clothing and Textiles Department was separated from Home Education major in College of Education at Chonbuk University in December 1991, and was established in College of Human Ecology, fulfilling the demands in the times and for academic identity. Clothing Department studies the relationship between clothes and human, the need of clothes to survive, approaching it in the human ecological way. Clothing Department is divided into two: the management part in which the natural clothing materials that are produced via studies and development of clothing textiles that cover the human body, and the fashion design part in which makes functional and beautiful clothing in the ergonomical and artistic point of view.

In March 1992, the first class of students was recruited, and teaching courses were opened. The department started fostering teachers for vocational highschool, teaching the subjects on clothing. From 1998, sophomores could choose to major in clothing major in College of Human Ecology as it was reformed, and from 2009, it started accepting new students in Department of Clothing. The department has master’s and doctoral couses. Four hundred students have graduated from our department since the first class of students in February 1997.
Professor Lee Jun Sook who majored in Textile for clothing (1974-today), professor Kim Yong Sook who majored in Fashion marketing (1984-today), professor Lee Hyo Jin who majored in Western clothing history (1966-today), professor Yum Hye Jung who majored in Fashion design (1997-today) are currently teaching in our department. The graduation projects exhibition opened from May 1998, and from May 2003, it was reformed into the fashion festival in Chonbuk University. At fashion festival, designers are invited to have fashion shows, graduation fashion shows are opened for students in their Senior year, campus best dresser contest and special lectures on image making are held.



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