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Department of Education

About the Department

Department of Education was established in 1976, and has been promoting and contributing the the development of studies and research by exchanging and collaborating with Boise State University in US, Kagoshima University and Northeastern University in Japan.
Professors in the Education Department are: Lee Young Shik (honorary professor) who majored in education psychology, Na Dong Jin in education psychology, Shin Dong Ro in education process, So Dong Ho in education philosophy, Park Se Hoon in education administration, Kim Chun Ki in education sociology, No Sang Woo in teenage education, Ban Sang Jin in education administration, Park Byung Ki in education psychology, Wang Kyung Soo in education engineering, and Im Eun Mi in education counseling (current post).

Education Department opened lectures on history and philosophy of education, education psychology, education administration, education process, education engineering, lifelong education, education counseling. There are also lectures on teaching for the students who wish to become teachers in the future.



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