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Department of Industrial Information Systems Engineering

About the Department

Department of Industrial Information Systems Engineering deals with the use of computer and information technology with scientific, engineering, and systemic methods for reasonable design, operation, and management of the modern corporate system that includes product design and development, production and manufacture, distribution and circulation.
Other than the main manufacture industry such as automobiles, machines, ship building and heavy metals, steels, electronics, semiconductor and LCD, social systems like industrial system and traffic, national defense, administration including communication services, distribution and circulation, information system industry, consulting, and banking, industrial information systems engineering is vastly applied for reasonable design and operation of social systems.

When most of engineering technology applies scientific principles to the designing and manufacturing process and methods of products, Industrial Information Systems Engineering applies scientific principles and information technology to product design and manufacture process, and management of sales and distribution process. Today, the manufacturer and servicing corporate are putting enormous material and human resources and through complex work process, to provide the products and services that customers demand.
Industrial Information Systems Engineering innovates and systematize the corporate work process to provide high-quality products and services with low prices at the right time to the customers, draws reasonable decisions by scientific principles, and uses cutting-edge information technology and internet to establish and operate the latest management system that integrates information delivery and work process. . As the industrial system and social system become more high-level and high-tech, the role of Industrial Information Systems Engineering is expanding.

Department of Industrial Information Systems Engineering was established in March 1986, and aims to foster professionals who are creative and competent, with the basic knowledge and hands-on abilities to make industrial system and social system optimization and information-oriented; the 4 education goals are as shown below.
•Cultivate the basic engineering knowledge as industrial engineering student
•Foster engineering student to have the abilities to manage, plan, analyze, and design
•Cultivate engineering hands-on ability that is suitable for digital, information era
•Cultivate ethics as the righteous engineering student



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