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Department of Life Sciences

About the Department

Life Science Deparment teaches a wide range of classes including cell biology, biochemistry, physiology, genetics, microbiology, molecular biology that interpret the essence of life (vital) phenomenon, and taxonomy, evolution, ecology that study the correlations between the organism and the environment.
In detail, the structure and function of a cell, which is the base unit of life, and the structure, function, and metabolism of carbohydrate, fat, and protein are studied. The life phenomenon is understood in the molecular level by not only studying the structure and function of nucleic acid in a cell, and the expression and regulating mechanism of genetic information, but also the classic method of gene farming through genetic modification in producing the useful substances. To be able to collect and accurately analyze the experiment data, acquiring the knowledge of biological statistics analysis is needed.
① Fostering professionals in biology
② Fostering professional human resources who can work in agriculture and forestry, medicine, and pharmacology
③ Supporting education on engineering, social and human sciences



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