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Department of Sociology

About the Department

Department of Sociology was established in December 1977, and continued to develop and change since the first class of new students entered the school in 1978. The department had its 30th anniversary in 2007.
The department started out as professor Yoon Geun Sup, who is now teaching in the Agricultural economics department and professor Yang Hwe Soo, who is teaching cultural studies were proceeded to their post in the early times. Afterwards, as Chonbuk University grew and developed, many professors and instructors were invited to give high quality lectures on sociology, sociology on district society and its changes, industrial labor, information, culture, environmental sociology, research on multicultural society and foreign workers, gender sociology and marriage, and family sociology. The department is continuously growing.
The professors in the department are: professor Kim Young Jung urban and district sociology, Jung Hak Sup in social stratum, ranks and informative sociology, Nam Choon Ho in industrial sociology and labor sociology, Song Jung Ki in social development and environmental sociology, Jung Chul Hee in political sociology and social movement, Sul Dong Hoon in economic globalization and metric analysis, Kim Hye Kyung in sincerity sociology and familial sociology, Choi Woo Young in sociology theory and social concepts; various fields of study is systematically differentiated.
In addition, full-time professors have been striving for higher level of education and research studies by going abroad for research studies. Professor Kim Young Jung (Clark U., 1991, Oregon U., 1996, both in USA), Jung Hak Sup (UBC in Canada, UCLA in USA, 2004-2006), Nam Choon Ho (Harvard U, 1995-1996), Song Jung Ki (Waseda U, 2002-2003), Jung Chul Hee (UCLA, 2000-2001), Sul Dong Hoon (Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, UCSD, 2007-2008) have been increasing the outcome in research studies after finishing their studies in US and Japan.
Full-time professors received various projects from national organizations such as National Research Foundation in Korea, and the graduate students had the opportunities to participate in the projects as assistand researchers, and they have the advantage to receive scholarship as the result. In 2005, the faculty members evaluated their own departments and set long-term development plans to find out the problem areas in overall matters in the department so that they can foster the students into professionals who can lead the district era in the 21st century. The department is developing as it takes the leading role in this fast-changing society, and the professors and students are striving for it together.



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