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Department of Korean Language Literature

About the Department

The Korean Language Literature Department of Chonbuk University started out as Department of Korean and Chinese Characters at Myung Ryun Private Institute, which was approved on August 1st, 1948. The title of Korean and Chinese Characters Department was changed to Korean Literature at Myung Ryun College on April 13, 1950, and then to Korean Language Literature Department as 6 departments in the College of Liberal Arts and Science were integrated into one in 1951 when National Chonbuk University was opened. When the College of Liberal Arts and Science moved to the new campus in Dukjindong from JoongAngdong in Jeonju city on October 15, 1954, Korean Language Literature Department was also relocated to the College of Liberal Arts of today. When the school opened, the reknown Korean Literature professor Garam Lee, Byung Ki and Korean Language professor Gunje Jung, In Seung were in office. Korean Language Literature Department of Chonbuk University has the history and reputation now because of these two excellent professors.
The tradition and reputation are well maintained by four professors in three departments each; Korean Language, Classical Literature, and Modern Literature. Our department has produced great number of distinguished people. There are 60 professors and scholars in universities in and out of Korea now, and many talented people are working in various parts including middle and highschool education, the press, and media.



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