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Department of Social Welfare

About the Department

Department of Social Welfare teaches the theory and actual skills of social welfare, and the department was established with the aim to understand and study the human behavior and social phenomenon more systematically. Department of Social Welfare in Chonbuk University was first established in 1988 as Chilren’s welfare Department, but chaged its title in 1989, and continued to grow and change. In 2008, the department had its 20th anniversary.
In 1999, Department of Social Welfare and Department of Administration were combined, and in 2009 they opened as Department of Social Welfare. In 1997 and 2002, the master’s and doctoral program was opened, and the department aims to foster and produce a large number of competent experts. There are 8 professors teaching and securing clinical practice, history of social welfare, the theory, organization, and administration, fostering students to be competent.
The majors and research study areas of each professor are as follows: professor Paik Jong Man in social welfare administration, district social welfare, professor Choi Won Kyoo, the history of social welfare, social welfare field, professor Yoon Myung Sook, clinical social work, alcohol and alcoloics, professor Choi Wok Chae corrected welfare, organization techniques, professor Kim Mi Ok, business in clinical society, welfare for the handicapped, professor Kim Shin Yul, geriatric welfare, professor Lee Sang Rok, policy for poverty, and professor Kim Soon Kyoo, welfare for children and teenagers.
The systematically differentiated fields of study foster experts in various fields, and social workers that our nation needs. In the freshman year, students learn the basics in social welfare and administration, in the second semester of freshman year, students choose their majors, and starting from the sophomore year, students learn and study the subjects, majoring administration and social welfare separately.



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