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Department of Mechanical System Engineering

About the Department

Mechanical System Engineering Department first started out as Dynamic Engineering Department in October 1951, but was re-established as Detailed Mechanical Engineering Department in September 1979, and then to a single, separate department in January 2009.
The department is now divided into two majors: Detailed Mechanical Engineering major and Applied Mechanical Engineering major. The curriculum in our department aims to foster experts with high-quality science technology, teaching the students the theories of mechanical systems engineering and the application abilities at the actual sites. In addition, by keeping close cooperation systems with other departments, new concept of education and research studies are actively conducted in the department, trying to adapt to the fast changing new technology and industrial development.
Our department has successfully executed the national project characterizing new automobile technology in 1994 (60 billion won in 5 years) and mega-world project on mechanical automobile in 2004 (25 billion won in 5 years). Based on these results of national projects, we have been selected for the aviation human resources project of Ministry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs (supporting 1.8 billion won for the next 5years) and the great-sphere economy project of Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (supporting 25 billion won for the next 5 years). This will make our department spur producing even better experts through undergraduate and graduate programs.



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