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Department of Aerospace Engineering

About the Department

Department of Aerospace Engineering is the field of study that integrates aviation, machines, electronics, materials, physics, computer, and semiconductor, showing the future-oriented characteristics and leading technology that can make new technologies. Therefore, the ripple effect of the results and by-products of the research studies that are done in the department appears to be great, and thus is the field of study that naturally leads the innovation in national technology.
To hold up their end, Department of Aerospace Engineering is educating the cutting-edge area of all engineering studies, leading the future society, and the department aims to foster professionals who can contribute to the development of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.
•Basic Engineering
Learn the basic mathematics, science, and engineering knowledge through theoretical exploration and experiments
•Interpretation ability
Understand and apply the principles of engineering and aerospace to efficiently resolve engineering problems, and cultivate the abilities to analyze experiments and data processing.
•Design ability
Learn the characteristics and design process of Aerospace system and main composites, and improve the abilities to communicate and exchange creative thinking and intentions

Lifelong learning
Cultivate the leadership that can make one actively participate in the global and information age by combining engineering ethics and command of foreign languages and use of computer.



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