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Department of Biotechnology

About the Department

Biotechnology (BT) refers to the technology that uses biological system or living organisms or the substance that originates from living organisms such as animals, plants, and microorganisms to improve our environment and life. It is a field of advanced technology that is supported by each and every nation in the world for development.
The reason that biotechnology is in the spotlight today, in the 21st century, is because it can resolve the problems of disease, famine, and environmental pollution that we face. Biotechnology is also a high-value industry since it can be applied to medical supplies, agriculture, food, chemistry, environment, energy, electronic resources, medicine, and all other parts, influencing the job-making, and the life of citizens.
Biotechnology Division was established in Iksan campus in 2008 as one of the specialized field of study at Chonbuk University. It is divided into two majors, life resources engineering (biotechonology) and environmental sciences, each teaching the basic theories of cutting-edge biotechnology and the principles of application so that the students become the professionals who lead the biotech industry, which has a bright future in the 21st century.
Chonlabuk-do (province) is known for well-developed bio industry including traditional fermentation industry and bioindustry using high-tech biotechnology. They have Jeonbuk Institute for Bioindustry, Jeonju Biomaterials Institute, Korea Research Institutue of Bioscience & Biotechnology at Jungeup, KAERI (radiation lab), Soonchan soybean lab, and Imsil cheese lab, and in Kimje innovation city, 13 research institutes related to agricultural biotechnology are planned to be constructed by 2012 including Rural Development Adminitration and agriscience lab.
Therefore the Biotechnology Division of Chonbuk University at Iksan campus is in the center of biotechnology research institutes and companies, offering the curriculum strengthening the the actual practice skills of the students by estabilishing ties with research labs that are related to the majors, and there also is a good career opportunity.
In addition, Biotechnology Division offers Pre-Med Programs in the summer and winter for the students who wish to enter medical schools. Students can learn the required subjects for M(D)EET in Pre-Med Programs.
○ Department that supports 1/4 of the undergraduate students that are in 1, 2, 3rd grades (about 160 students) with their tuition, and scholarship and living expenses for the graduate students every semester.
○ All of the professors can give lectures in English; currently teaching more than 20 major classes (including graduate school) in English.



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