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Department of Economics

About the Department

Department of Economics opened and developed as the school was established in October 1951, and in October 1991, regional economics major was established to cultivate systematic studies regarding regional economy. In 1996, the two majors were combined to foster the economic leaders that the 21st century demands, and the department is developing and cultivating various education and research programs under the academic environment with excellent faculty members. There are 11 professors teaching in the Department of Economics, and they are contributing to the establishment of economic policy, exchanges of research and studies through international relations, district society, and the corporate and the government. The professors and their majors are listed below.

Professor Choi Nak Pil- urban and district economy, modern district development theory
Professor Yoon Suck Wan- the science of finance, local finance theory
Professor An Jin- welfare economics, finance policy
Professor Lee Nam Soon- microeconomy, industrial organization theory
Professor Hong Sung Hoon- environment and resources economy
Professor Um Young Sook- urban and and district economy, econometrics
Professor Choi Chang Gon-labor economy, macroeconomy
Professor Won Yong Chan원용찬 교수 – economic history, economic theory and concept, cultural economy
Professor Park Tae Shik-monetary financial theory, financial policy
Professor Song Young Nam-traffic economy, distribution and circulation economy, international economy
Professor Cha Kyung Soo-macroeconomy, econometrics



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