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Department of Mathematics Education

About the Department

Department of Mathematics Education was established in December 1977, and it has produced 850 students in 30 years ever since 1977. The professors currently teaching in the department are professor Lee Sang Gun (Math Education theory, probability education), Cho Yong Hwan (Algebra), Kim Yun Hyung (topology), Park Yun Hee (analytics), Lee Sang Chul (Algebra), Son Hong Chan assistant professor (geometry), and honorary professors Park Jong Geun and Lee Hee Jin are advising and teaching the students in this department. With the enthusiastic professors, 80 (20 students in each class) students are united under the name of ‘together in Mathematics Education’, and enjoying their school life. Student council is striving for self development as future math teachers by having branch departments such as Mathematic education, data processing, and physical education. Our department is located on the 4th floor of the main building for College of Education, and the lectures and seminars are held in various types of classrooms such as computer room with computers in it, seminar room for studies, library that holds 2500 types of books related to the major, and lecture rooms in which beam projector and air conditioning are installed.



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