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Department of Civil Engineering

About the Department

Department of Civil Engineering provides the information and knowledge needed in planning, investigating, designing, building, and maintaining the transportation facilities such as roads, railroad, harbor, and airport; public utility facilities such as energy, communication, water and sewage, waste water disposal, sewage treatment, trash incineration and treatment, city gas supply-chain, water resources facilities such as dam, waterway, and canal, which all support corporate production activities and increase the benefits of national life.
Taking a look at the development trend of civil engineering-related industry, the demands for civil facility have been rapidly increasing as the Korean economy has been growing fast, but even with the continued government support, the amount of supply was not enough, which ended in huge lack of civil facility. Quantitative and quality demands for civil facilities are expected to grow in the future due to continuous expansion in economy, increase in the amound of trades, and improved national income level. The need for efficient operation and expansion in civil facility is well recognized in order for Korean economy to strengthen the national competitiveness in the infinitely competing global time.



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