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Department of Sports Science

About the Department

▶ Number of excellent teaching staff and students are trying very hard studying, educating, and offering services in order to foster sports science professionals.

▶ The teaching staff and students became one, beyond the university in Jeonlabukdo district, to make our Sports Science Department the best one in Korea. In Sports Science Department, professors and students become one by studying in-depth lectures based on theories and practice for 4 years, and by planning and discussing about the future and studies together.

▶ The department offers various activities such as swimming, badminton, and soccer for the students to improve their performance and abilities. Special lectures on sports IT, game analysis, and acquiring sports-related licenses are supported by Chonbuk University, and competence business for basic science is currently taking place (year 2010). Sports Science and English research study class are also organized to give scholarship and various supports to improve academic and performance competence.

▶ The department is making great efforts to activate community sports. The teaching staff is trying hard to activate community sports as they are the members of Junlabukdo team and organization, and all of the teaching staff are currently participating in ‘fostering the talented elites’ business (year 2010) which is supported by athlete fostering foundation.



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