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Department of Social Infrastructure Engineering

About the Department

Department of Social Infrastructure Engineering improves people’s welfare, becomes the foundation in national competitiveness, is the field of study that seeks convenience in human life, aims to establish various social facilities such as roads, airports, harbors, railroads, bridges, dams, water and sewage facilities, plant design, power facilities, and marine facilities. It also deals with the technology that is needed in maintenance and management of construction, making sure that each facility has the optimum performance, and to be built and designed safe, resistant to earthquake, typhoon, and other disasters.
In addition, the department makes the students to learn the high-level application skills such as infrastructure plans, research on environment and urban-related foundation facilities, design and construction so that the experts or professional researchers are fostered; the ones who can contribute to the development of national and local governments. Department of Social Infrastructure Engineering is not limited to building the social infrastructures, but is developing into larger field of study where development of technology, development of the desert, and development of vast underground space.



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