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Department of Residential Environment

About the Department

Residential Environment Department was established in 2008. It studies the professional knowledge that is needed in making the residential space in the 21st century, focusing on human beings and environment. The department develops environment-friendly design, and manages the living space where the culture and nature continue to be future-oriented, focusing on the primary physical environment called ‘home’. The department leads the development and construction of environment-friendly materials by using wood.
There are 6 professors in Residential Environment Department, and their majors are shown below.
ㆍProfessor Park Sun Hee: spatial culture design study based on life in Korea and comparative culture of housing life
ㆍProfessor Park Hee Joon: residential material science study that builds and manufactures environment-friendly interior materials
ㆍProfessor Jung In Soo: residential environment and preservation study on maintaining and improving environment-friendly residential area
ㆍProfessor Kang Choon Won: housing material property study in lumber science and environment-friendly material development
ㆍProfessor Kim Kwang Chul: wood construction study on wood design and construction
ㆍProfessor Choi Byung Sook: residential area planning study that covers housing today in the living perspective



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