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Department of Animal Science

About the Department

Department of Animal Science holistically studies the professional knowledge and basic theories on various matters that are needed in livestock husbandry, developing new products in promote spending, producing high quality livestock food products and increasing animals’ productivity. The department aims to foster the professionals who will lead the future animal industry through systematic scientific education on related skills including animal bioengineering, animal production, farming management, processing industry, and nutrition field. The department is divided into animal bioengineering major and animal material engineering major for detailed study.

In addition to animal breed, students are trained so that they understand the processing technology of grassland, nutrition, meat, milk, and egg. Our department not only trains and educates the traditional economic animals like cows, pigs, and chicken, but also the specialized studies on animal behavior and welfare, special livestock, pets, hippology, and other various breeds, along with functional livestock foods, HACCP, and livestock environment. For this, meat processing factories that have been HACCP-approved are operated, including cell cultivation and monitoring, various analysis and induced experiments. Animal-related experiments and practice are carried out separately in a vivarium, and for meat processing part, the professionals are fostered in Chonbuk University Ham and Hamiyami store.



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