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Department of Animal Biotechnology

About the Department

The 21st century is the era of bioengineering, as the world is planning and carrying out the plans for enormous development in bioengineering. Therefore, our department aims to foster professionals focusing on animal resources, cultivating the theories and application abilities of bioengineering in the lab where cutting-edge facilities are equipped. In addition, to improve the competitiveness in employment, ET, NT, and IT are engrafted to animal bioengineering, and to foster competent experts who can cope with the times that demand creativity and applicability.
Animal related industry and studies are becoming more diverse and professional as new functional materials are created and products are increased due to automated facilities and development of bioengineering methods and latest technology. The educational goal of this department is to foster the professionals who can improve human welfare and ‘wellbeing’ by taking the role in leading the development of animal resources and life science.
Department of Animal Bioengineering is seeking the system that the student himself can make the choice in fostering professional in basic science that includes animal life. The department studies and educates the students so that high values are created in this field of study by integrating the cutting-edge studies with new technologies that are related to development and production of duplicated and transformed animals, and the life science that seeks human health in animal life industry.



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