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Department of Mechanical Engineering

About the Department

Department of Mechanical Engineering was established on June 8, 1952 when Chonbuk University first opened, and in October 1952, the department recruited 40 students. At the time of establishment, the school was in Iksan (old Yiri), and expansion of academic facilities or development in educational administration or academic information seemed difficult to take place. The department made an enormous effort to overcome this situation, and in 1974, the campus was relocated to Jeonju, making the foundation to develop.
In 1975, for the first time after the Department of Mechanical Engineering was established, master’s and doctoral programs were opened, presenting their development, and as their graduate education got more activated, the department bought in 1.3 million dollar-worth of research apparatus by IDA and IBRD, as a part of the government policy for the development in heavy chemical industry. Research studies and academic activities became more active.
With the development in heavy chemical industry, professional training in the Department of Mechanical Engineering was departmentalized, and on December 31, 1977, the Department of Machine Design was established. In March 1980, Department of Detailed Mechanical Engineering was established by the specialization policy for national universities. On the other hand, Department of Mechanical Engineering had to be closed down because of this specialization policy, but the importance and need of the Department of Mechanical Engineering were recognized, and then was re-established on December 5, 1982, with 50 student recruitment.
Afterwards, Department of Mechanical Engineering has been leading the development of Korean economy, and 2,000 bachelors, 220 masters, and 50 doctors in Mechanical Engineering are showing their capabilities in various areas, including industry, schools, and research labs.



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