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Department of IT applied Systems Engineering

About the Department

Department of IT applied Systems Engineering was newly established in 2010, aiming to foster professional IT combined technician for the next generation of combined field in whicn electronic, electrical, IT, BT, NT, and ET are all integrated. The deparment also aims to lead IT combined curriculum in which electrical, electronic, communication engineering are integrated so that it fosters combined high quality technicians who can be put into the cutting-edge on-site technology, and to foster the technician who can lead Korean IT combined field with the knowledge in electrical, electronic, information engineering to have 100% of the graduating students get jobs.
Plans for accomplishing 100% employment in the IT combined field
•Selected as a specialization department to foster professionals in IT convergence area
•Establish academic-industrial consortium for fostering and distributing experts in IT convergence domestic industry
•Participating in fostering human resources in IT convergence government organization
•Fostering professional engineers in IT convergence field through integrated curriculum for engineering certification
•Credit system enforcement for on-site practice by the agreement with the industry
•Increasing English lectures to foster global experts
•Establish academic-industry collaboration system on demand for 100% employment rate
•Fully equipped facility for IT convergence practice classes
•Arrange a system to invite good professors and to improve the research study outcomes
•Strengthen on-site training of professors for on-site education



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