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Department of Computer System Engineering

About the Department

Korea is uniting the national capability to strengthen its global competitiveness in IT industry. This means that experts in IT are urgently needed.
Computer system engineering major in the IT information engineering department newly started out in 2010, and tried to make a leap in the university headoffice, professors, and alumni (previous computer engineering majors). As a result, our department was selected to be a part of Seoul Accord Activation Project for IT education innovation, and will be supported with seven hundred million won until 2016, a total of 4.2 billion won from Ministry of Knowledge Economy.

Seoul Accord Activation Project intensely fosters one selected university, aiming to foster experts in response to the industrial demands due to IT education innovation in the unit of great-sphere economy. Computer system engineering major in the IT information engineering department of Chonbuk University was selected in Honam area, and is developing into the IT specialized department. Seven hundred million won supported by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy will be used in supporting the student education.
Therefore, our department will lead the innovation of IT education by supplementing and improving the teaching methods and evaluation system for professors to foster creative and future-oriented industry-coherent experts. The main goals for this project are as follows.

“Fostering the creative and future-oriented industry-coherent experts”
- Strengthen competitiveness of department education by adopting education-centered professor evaluation
- Adopt effective teaching method such as e-learning, OCW, mini teaching workship
- Educate professional cultural studies and in-depth basic science through customized professional cultural studies curriculum
- Make hands-on curriculums strengthening experiment and practice, assigning project s
- strengthen major capabilities with balanced hardware/software curriculum
- Carry out graduation projects and industry-coherent team teaching by strengthening educational-industrial collaboration
- Foster global IT experts through obtaining internationally approved license and strengthening foreigh language education
- Operate one on one internship and mentoring system to boost employment rate
- Issue graduation certification and strengthen requirements for graduation

Computer system engineering major in IT information engineering department will become the mecha of boosting the quality of undergraduate education and fostering IT experts.



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