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Department of Chinese Literature

About the Department

- Department with 30 years of tradition, established in 1979.
Department of Chinese Literature in Chonbuk University was established in 1979 when the cold war of ideology era ended and international reconciliation was taking place. The department has produced 1,000 alumni, and they are now working in various fields, including administration, academy, education, press, and business. Master’s program opened in 1985, and doctoral program opened in 1995. In 1997, the Chinese Language and Literature major was opened in the graduate school, and in 1998, Education of Chinese Characters major was opened and produced many scholars and educators with master’s and doctoral degree. The general graduate school held ‘BK21 promotion business for Chinese literature translation graduate school’, which is a training program to foster researchers.
- Active exchange with Chinese universities
One of the outstanding parts of Chinese Literature Department of Chonbuk University is the active, practical international exchanges. From 1982, students and professors at JoongHeung University in Taiwan have been interacting with our department, in 1992, we set up a sisterhood relationship with Soochow University in China after establishing diplomatic ties with China, and from 1994 , the professors of the two universities have been exchanging and practically proceeding academic exchange. In 1995, our department played the role of locomotive, setting a sisterhood relationship between Jeonlabukdo and Kangsosung, and Jeonju city and Soochow city in 1996. Especially in our college, 3-4 students are selected as exchange students to go study in China every year, activating academic and student exchange with Chinese universities. The Chinese universities that are in sisterhood relationship with us are as shown below:
Yanbian University, South-Central University for Nationalities, RenMin University, Hanam Science Technology University, Zhejiang University, Northeast Normal University, Soochow University, Shaoguan University, Shimyang architect University, Jililn University, Nankai University, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, East China University of Political Science and Law, Qingdao Agricultural University,Sandong Normal University, Wuhan University of Technology, and Kaohsiung University in Taiwan
- Operation of ‘BK21 promotion business for Chinese literature translation graduate school’
Chinese Literature Department of Chonbuk University formed the basis for the students to concentrate on their studies by being selected to the second stage of BK21 business in which only 6 out of 135 universities in the entire nation was selected in 2006, as BK21 promotion business for Chinese literature translation graduate school. Graduate students are provided with scholarship every month, enough to study and take the responsibility to revive the pure academia without financial difficulties.



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