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Department of Landscape Gardening

About the Department

Department of Landscape Gardening was approved by the presidential decree on December 30, 1983, with the order number of 11292; the department was the 11th in being established in College of Agriculture. In 1984, 40 of the first class of students were admitted, and in 2004, as the 20th anniversary of Landscape Gardening Department, Chonbuk University had a celebrating ceremony with the alumni, along with the publication of commemorative book. Professor Kim Jae Shik in landscape design, professor Kim Se Chun in landscape construction management, professor Lee Myung Woo in landscape planning, professor An Deuk Soo in landscape engineering, professor Byun Moo Sup in environmental ecology and landscape botany, professor Kim Jung Moon in traditional landscape and landscape history are teaching in the department.
Professor Choi Man Bong, who played the major role as the dean of Landscape Department in the early years when the department was just opened, and he had to establish the curriculum and secure education apparatus and facilities, is still devoting himself to the studies for younger students. Retired professors are actively conducting their research studies, which are on use of landscape plants development, environmental ecology plans and ecological landscape technology development, constructing urban cultural environment, designing various parks and methods to improve its management, methods to establish green belt relations in the cities and districts, landscape design for house gardens and public organization, and studies on landscape engineering and various housing design.
With these professors in the back, 700 landscape professionals were produced into the society, and 80 masters and doctors were produced since the master’s program opened in 1998 and the doctoral program in 2000.



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