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University Library

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Chonbuk National University Library is consists of Annex, Reading Room, Law library, medical library, dentistry library including Central library having more than one million books and more than 4 thousand kinds of scientific journals.

Particularly, by introducing various overseas and domestic academic database (electronic journal, on-line database, CD-ROM, etc) matching the step with information age, it has cutting edge academic information system, and is transforming into electronic library by digitalizing stored data

In addition, having mutual cooperation system with libraries of other universities and research institutions, it has made efforts to provide the maximum service for academic research and learning of the University members, and open the library to the community residents to be utilized freely.


Data Room Information

Data Room Information
Library Data Room
Central Library 1st Floor Borrow/Return
2nd Floor Natural Science Data
3rd Floor Human Science Data
4th Floor Social Science, Arts and Physical Education
Annex 1st Floor Multimedia Room, Information Search Room
2nd Floor Thesis Room, Newspaper•고한적실 (?)
3rd Floor Serial Publication Room

Principal Telephone No

Principal Telephone No
Library card ∙ Student ID lost 3466
Desired books, Functions 3457
Copy Service 3464
Original text of National Congress Library 3458
Locker Application ROTC 3801 / Annex 3802
Working Scholarship 3465
Law Branch 3455
Medicine Branch 3473
Dentistry Branch 4008
Copy Room 2169

Opening Hours

Opening Hours
Description Week Days Saturday
Central Library 09:00-20:00 (During vacation : 09:00-18:00) 09:00-13:00 (Closed during vacation)
Annex/Branch 09:00-18:00 Closed
Free Reading Room Annex 06:00-24:00 / Learning 06:00-24:00


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