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Professor Gi Bum Kim's Research Paper Finishes Top 10 in the NLM Search Engine. 

웹마스터 (webmaster) 2012/01/25 18:03:13
인수공통전염병 연구소 김기범 연구교수 The National Library of Medicine’s (NLM) BioMedlib search engine named CBNU Zoonosis Research Center Professor Kim Gi Bum’s research paper one of the Top 10 in the Artificial Lung category. Prof. Kim’s paper was written with CBNU Biomedical Engineering professors Chul-woon Hong and Daegyu Kim, and was published as an SCI Paper for the Journal of Artificial Organs, which is published by the Japanese Society for Artificial Organs. Titled Design of an Intravenous oxygenator,” the research paper received praise for its potential to be applied to the treatment of acute lung injury. 

This publication has called the attention of many engineers since the research mends contributions from both the engineering field and medical field. 

In 2007, Prof. Kim was awarded the Young Investigator Award in Osaka at the 45th JSAO and 2nd ISAO congress. Prof. Kim also has two patents concerning membrane oxygenator for treatment of acute lung injury.

Currently at the Zoonosis Research Center, Prof. Kim is conducting research related to the membrane oxygenator and the development of a monitoring system of biosignals for animals.  Furthermore, Prof. Kim works on the development of advanced electrocardiograph and blood pressure monitors at the Center for Health Care Technology Development. 

The implication of Prof. Kim’s recent accolades is significant because it advances the relatively new academic field of Biomedical Engineering. His success is also noteworthy because Prof. Kim received all his higher education up to his doctorate degree in Korea, thus demonstrating CBNU’s research prowess and proving that our level of research measures up to prestigious universities located overseas.



  1. Taurine Prevents Hypertension and Increases Exercise Capacity in Rats With Fructose-Induced Hypertension(AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HYPERTENSION)
  2. Hemolysis of the Artificial Red Blood Cell by Microencapsulation of Hemoglobin(TISSUE ENGINEERING AND REGENERATIVE MEDICINE)  
  3. Transmission Electron Microscopy Observation of a Single Ni Dot Fabricated Using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy(INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRECISION ENGINEERING AND MANUFACTURING)  
  4. Improvement of gas transfer by hemosome(INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ARTIFICIAL ORGANS)  
  5. The antioxidant, taurine reduced lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced generation of ROS, and activation of MAPKs and Bax in cultured pneumocytes(PULMONARY PHARMACOLOGY & THERAPEUTICS) 
  6. Nitrite-Induced Methemoglobinaemia Affects Blood Ionized and Total Magnesium Level by Hydrolysis of Plasma Adenosine Triphosphate in Rat(BASIC & CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY)  
  7. Development of a hollow fiber membrane module for using implantable artificial lung(JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE)
  8. Gas Transfer and Hemolysis in an Intravas-cular Lung Assist Device Using a PZT Actuator(INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRECISION ENGINEERING AND MANUFACTURING)


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