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Spring Semester, 2012 Admissions Guide for Asia, European and African Scholarship Students 

hqiof (hqiof) 2011/11/07 11:03:13

We are announcing CBNU Scholarship Program Admission as the followings;


1. Number of Students : Around 40 students from the Universities who have received the Invitation


2. Qualifications

※ Recommendees must meet the following conditions simultaneously.

- Those who will major in the field of Natural Science, Agriculture, and Engineering,

- Those who have a recommendation from the president of the home university.

- Those who meet the Eligibility for Language Proficiency (Refer to the attached file for the details)

3. Scholarship

A. Exemption of the whole tuition fee for the attendance period at CBNU.

Maximum of 2 years

※ To maintain one's scholarship, he/she must receive an average of 80 points or over every semester.

Failure to submit the proof of Health Insurance will prevent scholarship candidates from receiving scholarship the following semester.

B. Dormitory will be provided at no charge.

C. Round-Trip Airfare(Two one-way tickets)

4. How to Apply

- Submit all application documents for 2012 Spring Admission Guide_Asia, Europe, Africa Scholarship Students (Refer to the attached file)

- CBNU only accept applications through the relevant office of the home university. An individual student cannot apply by himself/herself.


5. Application Deadline: November 25th, 2011

6. Admission Grant

- CBNU will grant admission to the students who are qualified.



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