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CBNU students passed middle or high school teacher exam in Jeollabukdo numerously. 

2007/02/22 11:38:15
CBNU students passed middle or high school teacher exam in Jeollabukdo numerously.
This year 49 students from CBNU were successful candidates for middle or high school teachers among 106 candidates. Furthermore, the rates of successful candidates (46%) were much higher than those of other universities
According to Jeollabukdo Office of Education, 49 from CBNU students, 9 from Jeon-ju, 6 from Woo-sok, 5 from Koy-won, 3 from Won-kwang, and 34 from other areas felt happy to be would-be teachers.
The total number of candidates were 69 in CBNU on a national basis. Each of the Office of Education in Korea represented that 49 CBNU students could have qualifications for a teacher in Jeollabukdo, and the rest of the students, 20, also could get the certificate for a teacher in other provinces.
Choi Jong-Beom, a dean in the college of education said, "Many faculty members from the college of education support students to make themselves a teacher through learner-centered education and various contents of text. We and the college of education will provide our students with enough support to cultivate able teachers."  
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