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World's First to Discover Clue to Solving Male Sterility 

국제교류부 (hqiof) 2011/11/30 15:15:59
World's First to Discover Clue to Solving Male Sterility


Chonbuk National University research staff was the world’s first to discover a clue to provide a solution for sperm cells that lack motility.

Professor Uh-Hyun Kim from the Biochemistry department of the CBNU Medical School and his research staff traced the substance that ultimately affects the motility of sperm.

Professor Kim and his team found that prostasomes, which are small vesicles secreted by the prostate, contain six different types of proteins that play a pivotal role in the motility of sperm. This research paper was published as the cover article on May 17th, 2011, for “Science Signaling,” which is published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the same organization that publishes the more well-known “Science.” “Science Signaling” is a weekly journal that describes major advancements in biological cell signaling and only publishes 1 to 3 articles per issue. This was the first time that a Korean research team was published on the journal.

Prof. Kim presents the idea of delivering a “calcium toolkit” called progesterone that activates the protein in the sperm through calcium signaling and enhances the motility of sperm. This idea offers a way in which to overcome male sterility.

Reflecting on his team’s research paper, Prof. Kim said, “I believe that the delivery of progesterone that activates the calcium signaling and enhances the motility of sperm will help us find a solution to male sterility in the near future.”


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