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Guideline to apply as graduate students in thesis research 

hqiof (hqiof) 2015/09/04 09:42:12

Guideline to apply as students in thesis research after completing

master’s or doctor’s course of graduate school


1. Qualification: a student who has completed either the master’s or doctor’s course

2. Benefits when registered: a vehicle pass will be issued  

(Office of General Affairs –Parking Control Division)

Library facilities are available

* Students in thesis research may be charged for using some certain part of the school facilities (No tuition fee)

3. Application period

Available to apply from starting date of every semester (Integrated Information System)

4. Available period of facility use

1st semester: 2015. 03. 02. ~ 2015. 08. 21.

2nd semester: 2015. 09. 01. ~ 2016. 02. 19.

5. Application process

Applicants –apply through Integrated Information System- print out – confirmation from the supervisor- submit to university administration office (One Stop-My Menu-School Registration-Apply for students in thesis research)

University Administration Office –Integrated Information System-School Affairs Information-Graduate School Graduation- Student in thesis research management (student in thesis research approval management)-Processing

Office of Registrar –approval after confirmation

6. Disqualification

A. Graduation

B. If you misconduct as a student in thesis research

C. If supervisor retract his or her recommendation

7. Inquiries for facility usage

A. Issuance of parking ticket: Parking Control Division(2nd floor of the Head Quarter) 270-3500

B. Using the library: Central Library Book Management Team 270-3466

* If you wish to use the facility, you need to contact the corresponding department individually and follow the process.




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