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Doctoral Students Selected as Global Fellowship 

proffice (proffice) 2017/09/29 14:59:51
Doctoral Students Selected as Global Fellowship

Graduate Students Wonjin Yoon (Polymer-Nano Science and Technology), Juyeon Kang (Archives & Records Management), and Jiyeon Lee (Mechanical System Engineering) were awarded the "Global Doctoral Fellowship" by the Korean Ministry of Education and the National Research Foundation of Korea.

The fellowship is a government-funded project that aims to raise the level of education and research capacity of graduate students, and to develop a foundation for becoming world-class researchers.

Each student receives 20 million won (approximately 17,700 in US dollars) of academic activity fee and tuition fee each year for two years, and additional support after the evaluation.

Wonjin Yoon will carry out a research project to develop a technology to stabilize the manufacturing and application of a multi-functional, bistable smart window film for architecture and automobiles using physicochemical double gelation, based on a new type of material with lower driving energy consumption and a simpler process.

Through the study on developing tools for management and service of social memory and records, Juyeon Kang will develop a system for social record collection and classification, as along with designing metadata elements and building an ontology, to induce social interests in social document archival and to establish a sustainable and semi-permanent system.

Lastly, Jiyeon Lee is developing the world's first corrugated nanofiber scaffold with self-generating function to develop an implantable medical device treating coronary artery diseases, as well as a technology to monitor the blood flow, which is expected to achieve sales of 50 billion won (approximately 44 million in US dollars) annually through commercialization.



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