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'Smart Window' Using New Material 

proffice (proffice) 2017/03/29 10:15:51
'Smart Window' Using New Material

Yu-Jin Choi (Ph.D. student, Polymer Nano Science & Technology) has been attracting attention from academics worldwide by developing the "smart window" (a rewritable electro-optic device) that responds to various external stimuli.

As a "Global Doctoral Fellow" selected last year by the Korean Ministry of Education and the Korea Research Foundation, which support young world-class researchers, Choi has been developing next-generation optical films.

To overcome the high driving voltage and low reproducibility of polymer-based displays, her team first synthesized a new material called "macrogelator," which she introduced in ACS Applied Materials and Interface (IF = 7.145) in 2016.

Choi's team conducted a further study to develop advanced smart windows using macrogelators and published an article as a cover story in the March issue of Polymer Chemistry (IF = 5.687, Top = 4.71%) by the Royal Society of Chemistry, one of the most prestigious academic journals in the field of polymer science.

Adding macrogelators at a specific concentration to a general liquid crystal brings about scattering of light, and the light can be freely controlled when external stimuli such as light or an electric field is applied.

In particular, in the display based on this method, lights can be controlled more easily with a driving voltage five times lower than conventional ones, and it can be changed to a desired pattern or erased with less energy by using various external stimuli.

Therefore, this study is expected to be applied to various fields such as optical films for next-generation display and smart windows for buildings and automobiles, which require energy saving, through lower driving voltage and this simple process.



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