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Swedish Association Awards CBNU Professor 

proffice (proffice) 2017/03/29 10:09:56
Swedish Association Awards CBNU Professor

Professor Yoon-Bong Hahn (Chemical Engineering) received the "Asian Energy Technology Award 2017" at the Asian Advanced Materials Congress in March in Singapore, hosted by the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) headquartered in Sweden.

Han has been honored with the award for developing nanocomposite materials that can dramatically improve the air stability of solar cells, which is a problem to be solved for the practical use of next-generation solar cells.

Perovskite solar cells and organic solar cells, which are attracting attention recently as the next generation of solar cells, can be mass-produced at a lower cost than silicon solar cells.

However, the solar cells have a remarkably short life due to decomposition of active layer materials and degradation of performance when exposed to air.

Prof. Han's team has developed perovskite-metal oxide and hybrid graphene-silver nano composites to solve this problem.

The solar cell using this nanocomposite material has excellent air stability compared to the case of those not using it, and the device life is maintained at over 90% even after more than 60 days.

The research outcome was applied to the patent and was published in Nano Energy (Impact Factor = 11.553) in two papers in September and October 2016, drawing attention from academics worldwide.



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