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Fragrant Olive to Cure Diabetes 

proffice (proffice) 2017/03/29 10:07:13
Fragrant Olive to Cure Diabetes

Professor Hoi-Seon Lee (Bioenvironmental Chemistry) succeeded in isolating and refining biomaterials from fragrant olive (osmanthus fragrans) that could treat diabetes, attracting the world’s attention by publishing an article in a sister journal of Nature. In particular, it is expected to be used as a therapeutic agent for Type 2 diabetes in the future through animal testing.

Aging and a Westernized diet are driving an increase in the number of diabetic patients. Since drugs are expensive and may be associated with side effects, Asian researchers have been focusing rather on development of foods and medicines using natural substances.

Lee's team succeeded in separating and purifying a new biomaterial from fragrant olive, which controls α-amylase and α-glucosidase (factors involving in the digestion and absorption of sugars), advanced glycation end products (important causes of diabetic complications) and reactive oxygen species, followed by successful animal experimentation.

"The material showed excellent inhibitory activity through a new mechanism, and showed superb blood glucose lowering effects in mouse in vivo experiments," Professor Lee said.

It is anticipated that diabetes will be able to be economically and effectively treated and improved in the future through development of anti-diabetic health foods or therapeutic agents using this material. The team described the research outcome in the latest issue of Scientific Reports, succeeding in publishing five papers in Nature's sister magazines.

Professor Lee has been conducting outstanding global research exclusively with his CBNU graduate students for 20 years, publishing 300 articles in SCI-level journals (50 papers in the top 1%).

Lee is a member of the editorial board of Nature Publishing Group, the Korean Academy of Science and Technology, and the Inter-Korean Science and Technology Committee, and is chief editor of both Applied Biological Chemistry (SCI) and the Journal of Applied Biological Chemistry (SCOPUS).



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