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Rate of graduates passing the national exam was the best in the national Universities. 

2007/02/04 16:25:18
Rate of graduates passing the national exam was the best in the national Universities.
CBNU medical school(Dean Kim Jung-su) had the highest ratio of successful doctors according to result of the 71st National Examination for Medical Practitioners among the national universities.
93.5% of graduates from CBNU Medical school passed their exam. In other words, total number of graduates were 123 and the number of successful candidates were 115. All students taking the exam in Korea were 3,755 and candidates are 3,305. (The rate of successful applicants : 88.5%)
Moreover, CBNU Medical school took the first ranking among Korean universities which had over 100 graduates for the exam.
CBNU made the students take the trial exams three times to raise the rates. Furthermore, CBNU University Hospital has supported students to perform two-year clinical training properly, and it has played an important role in medical school.
Dean Kim from medical school said, "Professors has always visited students and had a interview with them directly. Maybe, that makes CBNU students get much higher scores."  
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