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CBNU Sweeps Research Support Projects 

proffice (proffice) 2016/12/20 11:03:41
CBNU Sweeps Research Support Projects


Chonbuk National University’s researchers including full-time professors won 61 government and private research support projects solely in November 2016, according to CBNU’s Bureau of University-Industry Cooperation & Research.


With this, the University secured research fund of 11.2 billion won (KRW).


One of the research teams is Professor Jae-ik Han’s (Dept. of Veterinary Medicine), studying ways to quickly diagnose zoonoses (infectious diseases of animals that can naturally be transmitted to humans wikipedia) caused by wildlife.


Han’s team was chosen for ‘Environmental Policy Based Public Technology Development Project’ supported by the Korean Ministry of Environment, and therefore receives 3 billion won in three years.


Other researchers were also awarded national projects and civil services supporting basic researchers, young researchers and scientists in local universities, giving wider publicity to the University’s research competitiveness.


The list of selected research projects is as follows:

* Development of the Disease Control System via Investigation of Abortion in the Livestock of Mountain Area
* BMP-7 Gene-transduction on Osteogenic Potential of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Its Co-delivery with Human Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells for the Periodontal Regeneration
* Development of a Gait Training System for Blind People
* Molecular Mechanism for the Functionality of Dietary Exosomes Isolated from Bovine Milk on the Bone Health-promoting Effects
* Effect of Alamandine [Angiotensin A-(1-7)] on Ischemic Heart - Focusing on ANP and Oxidative Stress
* Nano-liposomal Imaging and Interventional Angiographic Techniques for the Treatment of Myocardial Ischemia of Rabbits
* Research and Development on High Performance Thin-film Polarizer Using Nanorod-Carbon Nanotubes
* The Investigation of Mechanism to Muscle Imbalance Caused the Human Body Imbalance and the Development of Exercise Load Deviation Program for Improving Muscle Imbalance
* Microwave Magnet-less Non-reciprocal Circuits and Its Application to In-band Full Duplex for Next Generation Wireless 5G Communication Systems
Research on Performance Improvement of Superconducting Fault Current
* Study on Heme Oxygenase-1, a Target of Anticancer Treatment of Breast Cancer
Constructive Architecture of Inverted Perovskite Solar Cells: Influence of Small Organic Molecules (SOMs) as Hole Transporting Materials (HTL)
* Regulatory Mechanisms of Sustanined Smoothened in Kidney Development Using the Mesonephric Duct-specific Conditional Knockin Mice
* Electrochemical Detection of Single Solid and Liquid Nano-particles
* Study on the Ultra-high-precision Finishing of Fine Diameter Wire Using Rotational Magnetic Field
* A Study on the Fabrication of Membrane Filter for Removal of VOCs Emitted from New Automotive Interior Parts
* Development of an Experimental Method for Analyzing the Early Nonlinear Response in Ultrashort Laser Pulse Pump-probe Experiment
* Study of Advanced Technology on Deep Learning-based Tracking of Pedestrian Trajectory in Non-overlapped Multiple Camera Environment
* Research on Optical Properties of 2D Nanomaterials Utilizing the Multifunctional Integrated-spectroscope System
* A Study on the Data Envelopment Analysis Model with Consistent Time Lag Effect
* Effect of Blue Light Emitting Diode on Invasion of Cancer Cells
* Development of a Blood Flow Driven Triboeletric Nanogenerator for In Vivo Stent Real-time Monitoring System
* Regulatory Mechanisms of Phoshphate on Odontoblast Differentiation
* Development of Multi Purpose and High Strength-Lightweight Construction Material Using PET for Recycling
* The Structural and Functional Analysis of Microbial Photoreceptor Membrane Protein from Fresh Water
* Design Optimization of Sintered FeMnNic Alloy with High Specific Strength
* Development of Nanotextured Nanowire Biosensor for High Ionic Strength Solutions
* Studies on the Atomic Structures and the Electronic Structures of Nanowires Formed on Si Vicinal-surfaces Stabilized by the Subsurface Carbon
* Microbial Genomic Investigation of Bioplastic Production from Lignocellulose
* Fabrication and Characterization of Si Solar Cells Based on Silicon-On-Insulator Nanostructures
* Synthesis of Advanced Multifunctional Plasmonic Hybrid Nanomaterials for Artificial Photosynthesis and Biomedical Engineering Applications
* The Role and Mechanism of FAM83H in Fracture Healing Model
* Adaptive Microlens Array with High Performances for Imaging and Displays
* Development of Controlled 3D-nanostructure Electrode/Interface Materials for Highly Efficient and Reliable Perovskite Solar Cells
* A Study on RF Front-end Circuits and Systems Using Microwave Negative Group Delay Circuits
* Development of In-situ Electrochemical Biosensor for Bacillus Cereus and Their Entrotoxins in Fermented Foods
* A Study on Heat Dissipation and Passivation of Optoelectrinic Devices Employing the Reduced Graphene Oxide Based Nanocomposites
* An Implementation of a Remote Multi-point Bridge Strain Measurement System Using an Intensity-based Self-referencing Fiber Optic Sensor Structure
* Development of Removal Technology for Nitrogen and Phosphorous in Groundwater
* Integrated Monitoring and Evaluating System Machining Difficult-to-Cut Materials
* Data Mining on Outsourced and Encrypted Databases in Cloud Computing Environment
* Core Techniques of Multifunctional-electrolyte Electrodes of a Membrane-less Water Splitting Device for Hydrogen Production
* Deep Network Based Algorithm Development for Composite Sketch Recognition
* The Mechanism of Pubertal Induction by Melatonin
* Development of a High-efficiency Hybrid Inverter System for Low Voltage Batteries without a Line-frequency Transformer
* Development of Visualization Technology of Blood Flow in the Carotid Artery to Study Stroke Pathophysiology
* Regeneration of Pulp-dentin Complex Using Electrically Active Bioceramics
* A Study for Zoonotic Potential of Staphylococcus Spp. in Wildlife Ecosystem: Antimicrogram and Molecular Characterization
* Exploration of Nanocomplex Electrode for Inorganic/Organic Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cell
* Development of Catalytic Conversion Process for Production of Cellulose and Hemicellulose Based Bio-adipic Acid and Bio-ε-caprolactam for Polyamide 6, 66 Synthesis Using Lignin Derived Alkylphenols
* An Evaluation on the Performance of the Traditional Building Member through the Accelerated Weathering Test and Outdoor Exposure Test
* High Performance Stretchable Electrode System Based on Wrinkles Structure
* A study of Computational Geometry Based on an SST-structure
* Development of Rapid Point-of-care Diagnostic Tools of Wildlife-mediated Zoonoses
* Development of the Novel Inhaled Therapeutics for Refractory Asthma Using the State-of Art Delivering Technology

* Development of Vaccine Against Porcine Edema Disease and Pleuropneumonia by Pathogenic Bacteria Producing Toxins in Pigs

* Oxidative Stress Amplifying Hybrid Anticancer Nanodrug




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