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CBNU Ranks '1st' in Education Investment 

proffice (proffice) 2016/12/12 16:58:08
CBNU Ranks '1st' in Education Investment


Chonbuk National University ranked one of the highest in student education investment among Korean universities, according to University Information Disclosure 2016 published by the Ministry of Education.


CBNU spent as much as 16.33 million won (KRW) per student in 2015, while other universities with over 5,000 students remained at 14~15 million won.


The 'education cost per student' is a measure of how much the university invests to improve the educational environment for students, by dividing the total education expenses (wages, maintenance and operation expenses, spendings on books and machinery) by the number of students.


Since December 2014, the University has been speeding up the ‘1 Smart Classroom for 1 Department’ campaign through renovating old lecture rooms as well as study rooms so that students can study in a better environment.


Chonbuk National University has also introduced ‘Residential College’, which changes simple dormitory into a cradle to raise students with adventure and upright character.


In addition, through ‘Off Campus’ program any CBNU student can and must stay abroad or in other regions for at least a semester to learn foreign languages, enjoy other cultures, and/or to attain job experiences.


The University has made continuous effort to enhance student satisfaction by greatly increasing the level of student welfare, including support for career clubs and startup clubs and bar exam preparation classes, remodeling of student restaurants and diversification of menus.


With these efforts, CBNU ranked #1 nationwide in the 'University Satisfaction Evaluation' conducted by Korea Standards Association in 2012 and 2015.


"It is very important for students to get quality experiences in a right environment through good university programs, which is directly related to the cultivation of excellent talents," said President Lee Namho. "We will make it possible by expanding scholarship so that students pay less to benefit more."



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