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Sang-Don Pu’s Team is Awarded for ‘Ferroelectric’ Research 

국제교류부 (hqiof) 2013/02/20 18:03:30
Sang-Don Pu’s Team is Awarded for ‘Ferroelectric’ Research

Sang-Don Pu, CBNU professor at Department of Physics, and his research team are receiving attention from academia with their ‘Ferroelectric (Of or relating to a crystalline dielectric that can be given a permanent electric polarization by application of an electric field)’ research.


Two thesis papers from professor Pu’s team were awarded with Best Presentation Awards at the 8th AMF, Asian Meeting on Ferroelectrics, which recently took place in Pattaya, Thailand.


Members in the team, Jin-Kyu Han (doctoral program), Jin-Ho Kwak(graduate program), and Yong-Chan Choi (Ph.D.), discovered the importance of a nano-sized particle which plays an important role in the improvement of a Ferroelectric’s electrical trait.  


They were well received for their report on forming Plumbum Titanium Oxide(PbTiO3), which is highly ferroelectrical, into a shape of nanotube, and its characteristic of phase transition in high temperature. If this research can be applied to Nanostructured Phase Change Memory, the increase of memory integration is expected.   

Sam-Yun Jo (doctoral program) and Sun-Ah Yang (doctoral program) were also awarded for their thesis paper, titled, ‘synthesis and characterization of piezoelectric nanocapsules for the drug delivery system’. This research suggests practical usability of a piezoelectric capsule as a transportation for the drug transport system. It proposes to transport a nanocapsule after hold a drug in the empty space inside the capsule, and, by using piezoelectric, discharge it to a desired location. The research continues to secure newer technology.


The contents of this research are scheduled to be published in ‘Ferroelectrics”, one of the most important science journals in ferroelectrics field.  


The recent AMF hosted the international conference where hundreds of scientists and researchers around the world participated in various guest lectures, and they received chances to presents their ferroelectric researches in a form of a speech, or a poster presentation, every three years.


Meanwhile, the research team was awarded with three Best Presentation Awards in Korean Physical Society Fall Symposium, held in last october in Phoenix Park, PyungChang.



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