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CBNU to Open New International Hub 

proffice (proffice) 2016/11/07 16:59:24
CBNU to Open New International Hub


Chonbuk National University (CBNU) opened New Silk Road Center, which will play a key role in the university’s foreign exchange.


The Center is named after the Silk Road, the network of trade routes that connected regions of the ancient world, symbolizing challenge and adventure, to show the University’s aim to nurture young talents with such virtues.


18.3 billion KRW was invested to build the center, including government funding in addition to its own budget. With 14,000of gross floor area, the building has seven floors above ground and two underground. Each of the 37 classrooms accommodates 120 students at the most.


The building is equipped with faculty rooms, reading rooms, administration offices as well as Office of International Cooperation, Center for Language Education, International Development Cooperation Center, Development of Regional Advancement University Project Team and Bureau of Admission.


Dispatching around 2,000 youths abroad annually through its ‘Off Campus’ program, Chonbuk National University has shown distinguished global moves, such as establishing the first and only Jimmy Carter School of International Studies through international development cooperation with Carter Center in the United States, and accomplishing dual degree program with University of Arizona. The University is expected to get momentum for internationalization by opening New Silk Road Center.


The opening ceremony for the center was held on October 14th with the presence of Namho Lee, the President of CBNU, Seok Whan Woo, the Director of Jeonju Immigration Office, Wook Heon Lee, the Head of Jeonbuk International Development Cooperation Center, and multinational students of CBNU.


“Chonbuk National University has ensured its global status by ranking 2nd among national universities and 10th among (collegiate) universities in Korea,” said President Lee in the opening remarks. “We expect New Silk Road Center to act as key to foster adventurous students.”



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