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CBNU Welcomes US Ambassador 

proffice (proffice) 2016/10/12 10:52:04
CBNU Welcomes US Ambassador


U. S. Ambassador Mark W. Lippert visited Chonbuk National University (CBNU), the University said June 20.


Ambassador Lippert looked over the facility, and had a tea time with President Namho Lee and other officials, stating that the University and the united states could help each other by keeping close ties in humanities and science fields.


He showed a special interest in 'Jimmy Carter School of International Studies,' the world’s only educational institution named after the former U. S. president, and 'LANL-CBNU,’ also the one and only overseas branch of Los Alamos National Laboratory based in New Mexico, famous for producing the first nuclear weapons through the Manhattan Project that greatly contributed to the end of World War II.


Lippert had an hour-long conversation with 30 student representatives at Jinsudang. After greetings in fluent Korean, the ambassador and students freely exchanged thoughts on various topics and personal interests. They discussed ways to expand economic, security and diplomatic ties between Korea and the united states. The ambassador stressed that the relationship between the two governments is and should be collaborative and cooperative, not competitive.


The American ambassador put an emphasis on international exchanges of culture and sports, mentioning his experiences of jjimjilbang, the korean leisure complex combining dry sauna and restaurants, and ‘chimaek,’ korean style chicken and beer.


He answered a student asking what he thinks students should do in their 20’s that it is important to risk and challenge, adventure and experience in younger ages.


The talk with student representatives proceeded in a friendly atmosphere and the ambassador received an enthusiastic response after the event followed by photo time.



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