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Research Center that leads Korea's microorganism industry will open very soon 

HQIOF (HQIOF) 2015/11/24 14:33:37
Research Center that leads Korea's microorganism industry will open very soon


The Korea’s largest facility for microorganism industry will open in Jeongeup advanced technology industry complex as microorganism industry became the Korea’s future core growth engine.   

On 19th of November at 2 p.m., groundbreaking ceremony for Promotion Center for Microorganism Industry took place in Sinjeon-dong, Jeong-eup. In this groundbreaking ceremony, about 100 people participated including President Lee and Dean of CBNU, a member of the National Assembly, Sung-yup Yoo and mayor of Jeong-eup, Chun-kyu Woo and congratulated the establishment of the center.   

This center is established as CBNU secured the corresponding project from the government last year. The scale of microorganism industry gets gradually bigger due to the high demand of environment friendly agricultural products and prohibition of feed additives and therefore, the government has invested about 28 billion KRW in order to activate the microorganism industry which had been not developed due to lack of infrastructures in Korea.

The Promotion Center for Microorganism Industry is expected to be fully constructed in 2016 and be test-operated from 2017 and be fully operated from 2022. The center will be a four-storeyed building with one level of basement and the area of the center will be 6,387 and the area of the complex will be 14,902.

The center will be used for a research on microorganism product, supporting industrialization, distributing advanced technologies and providing education and consulting services.

The center is also anticipated to be a herb of Korean microorganism industry as the center will develop the microorganism pesticides, fertilizer, feed additives, medicine for animals and microorganism for environment improvement.

It seems that Jeonbuk province will lead the microorganism industry as CBNU’s world’s top 100 research competitiveness will boost the development of Promotion Center for Microorganism Industry. Moreover, ‘Microorganism value evaluation center’ and other related institutions which are located very close to the Promotion Center for Microorganism Industry will effectively support the business as well.

President Lee said “the microorganism industry gives positive influence to the society and therefore the use of microorganism in agriculture and life science area and food industry gets larger and larger”. “It appears that the scale of a market will approach approximately 1,000 billion KRW by 2020, creating a high value-added business”. “I am convinced that this center will create many jobs and increase the income for farming families as well as leading the Korea’s microorganism industry”.



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