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Harvesting from the campus garden with the locals 

HQIOF (HQIOF) 2015/11/24 14:31:15
Harvesting from the campus garden with the locals


“I am really pleased to harvest the crops grown by the children and myself”

CBNU’s farm is full of rich crops which CBNU people and locals planted this spring with the purpose of enhancing the communication with the locals and vitalizing the urban agriculture.

On the 16th of November at 11 a.m., 200 people including CBNU officials and other participants harvested crops from the CBNU garden.

CBNU campus garden was constructed in last May with the area of 924 and was divided into 72 sections and was distributed to citizens. They have been educated with the agricultural methods and hence creating these remarkable achievements.

In this event, every people harvested the crop altogether and for the excellent participants, College of Agriculture and Life Science presented rice as a gift to them.

Furthermore, CBNU prepared a barbeque and all the participants gathered and had a food together while having a conversation with each other.

President Lee said “by providing the ground to the locals, CBNU garden became the place for communicating and co-existing with the locals.” “I hope this garden breaks the wall between the region and the university and hence the children feel pride with their dream, university and future career.”



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