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CBNU, establishing cooperative relationship with Gochang county 

HQIOF (HQIOF) 2015/11/19 18:14:43
CBNU, establishing cooperative relationship with Gochang county


In order to develop the job ability in the area of agriculture and life science, CBNU established the cooperative relationship with Gochang county.

On the 11th of November at 5:30 p.m., MOU signing ceremony happened with the presence of President Lee, governor of Gochang county, Woojung Park and other high officials. 

This agreement was concluded for the establishment and operation of the Department of Agriculture and Life Science for CBNU Gochang Campus. This department is the only one department in Korea which was constructed with the participation of local government in 2012. Gochang county’s active support is provided in order to create regional specialized manpower.

Having the agreement concluded, both institutions agreed to share the equipment and facilities related to the research development and education in the agriculture and life science area. In addition, other agendas such as developing agriculture and life science industry and mutual use of expert manpower were also included in the agreement.

Moreover, both institutions agreed to cooperate for the establishment of regular and additional courses in CBNU Gochang Campus.

Currently, 116 students are currently enrolled in the department and it provides the opportunity for Gochang citizens to participate in life long education and cultivates regional talented individuals. The department is expecting to produce first graduates in next year February.

Through this cooperation, research and business development regarding agriculture and life science industry are expected to expand hugely through the re-education of affiliated employees and hence, becoming a new growth engines for agriculture and life science industry.

President Lee said that "I will do all my best to support and make the department well-harmonized with the Gochang region." Also, governor Woojung Park said that "I believe this cooperation will surely enhance the competitiveness of Gochang county and forge the excellent governance needed for regional development as it provides the opportunity to improve the practical ability on the basis of well-organized curriculum."



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