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CBNU's excellent technology, transferred to Malaysia's National Enterprise 

HQIOF (HQIOF) 2015/11/19 17:51:03
CBNU's excellent technology, transferred to Malaysia's National Enterprise


CBNU’s excellent technology will be transferred to Malaysia’s largest national enterprise.

The CEO of Malaysia’s national enterprise AIM(Amana Ikhtiar Malaysia), Dr. Zubir Harun, visited CBNU on 9th of November at 2 p.m. and met the President Nam Ho Lee. They have concluded the cooperation agreement which CBNU transfers its various existing technologies to AIM and supports AIM start-up business.

AIM was established in 1987 in order to improve the life quality of lower-income group. It is national organization composed by 5 Ministries including the Ministry of Finance as a BOD and supporting the start-up business through support of technology to poor low-income households. Since past 25 years, AIM has produced the service to more than 330,000 households, mainly concentrating on rural area and also actively proceeding the distribution business with more 100 countries including OIC cooperation countries.

Having the agreement concluded, CBNU will support AIM with the start-up business by transferring its excellent existing technologies and also develop and commercialize Halal product and cooperate AIM for promoting and exporting the Halal product.

President Lee said “By transferring the excellent existing CBNU technologies to AIM, it enabled CBNU to raise the university’s status and also by cooperating with AIM, I expect CBNU to contribute hugely to the development of Jeonbuk region through new product development and distribution and vitalization of exportation”.

Meanwhile, after concluding the MOU, AIM has expressed the purchase intention for anchovies (1.8 billion Won), artichoke (1 billion Won) and mineral water (1.2 billion Won).

The Vice-President for University-Industry Cooperation, Yong Geun Kwak stated that “AIM delegations visited Jeonbuk Province and will stay for 2 days. They will visit various project agencies and hence, looking for the way to cooperate with those agencies”.

Particularly, AIM delegations and HMK President, Yong-seok Choi, examined carbon industry of Jeonju City and Jeonbuk Province. They announced that "We will find various exporting and promotion strategies for carbon material convergence products."



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