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Have a meeting with the president on every other Saturday 

HQIOF (HQIOF) 2015/04/29 13:53:09
Have a meeting with the president on every other Saturday


“Please let us know if you have something to talk about with the President.”

President Lee has designated every other Saturday as ‘the day for meeting the president’ in order to enhance the communication with university members, starting this April. 

 Lee has opened up a new homepage related to communication and welfare and any members of university could request for a one on one talk with the President.

On 18th of April, the first day of this event being implemented, Student Han managed to have a tea time with President Lee.

On this day, student Han asked how the university could satisfy the students with lots of adventurous spirit in them, and Lee answered that ‘residential college’ and ‘off-campus’ system could give those students a big chance. 

In addition, President Lee suggested the rewarding system that awards the most adventurous student and discussed with the corresponding department. As the issue was discussed at the head office level of the university, the meeting with President was in fact very effective.

President Lee explained that for our university to move toward maturity stage beyond growth, it is very important to have close communication with the university members, which was the reason why he has created the new system. He has announced that he will meet as many professors, staffs and students as possible to reflect their thoughts and feelings to the university policy.



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