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Constructing luxury Dule-trail with carrying out tree planting events 

HQIOF (HQIOF) 2015/04/16 14:46:06
Constructing luxury Dule-trail with carrying out tree planting events


Chonbuk National University (CBNU) concentrating on constructing most pedestrian-friendly walkway, Dule-trail, carried out the tree planting event on last 7th of April as a part of Dule-trail business.

President Lee and 200 academic staffs planted 200 oak trees around the area of Chonbuk National University Hospital in order to connect university’s green belt with Geonji Mountain forest.

 This area is surrounded by high standard of landscaping and Hilling Forest with a number of oak trees planted.

The main purpose of this planting event is to extend and connect the existing oak tree forest to CBNU as much as possible. This will produce the most beautiful and remarkable trail with which the local people and university members will love.  

By promoting a Dule-trail business, it will allow CBNU to maximize the natural landscape resources surrounding the CBNU such as Geonji Mountain forest and Deokjin Park. By doing so, it will allow CBNU to make its own new brand and realize a campus that keeps in tune with the local people.


Furthermore, CBNU will create a high added value with Geonji Mountain by hosting forest film festival and creating forest lecture room, forest kindergarten, forest library and forest personalized cure center, all of which will be freely available for any local people.

CBNU will take any donations for this construction of Dule-trail so that every part of Dule-trail will have various stories from various donators.


President Lee announced that this tree planting event will provide valuable foundation for Dule-trail and this Dule-trail will help contribute a huge amount to CBNU for producing a great brand image, President Lee concluded.



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